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Foot Bowl is a hybrid game that combines the equipment of American football and bowling into one sport with a similar layout as horseshoes and cornhole. The object of fowling is for teams to be the first to knock down all opponent's pins by throwing a full-size regulation football at 10 bowling pins positioned in a traditional bowling layout.



Teams may consist of 2-4 players, but only 2 players can throw a football in one turn. One person is not permitted to throw both footballs during the same turn, unless their teammate is momentarily absent.

Starting The Game

To start the game one player from each team is to throw the ball until a pin is knocked down. If both players knock down pins, whoever knocked over more pins gets the first possession for their team. If no pins are knocked down on the first turn, the other teammate must throw the football and this play continues until a pin or the most pins are knocked down.


The game is played with one football per game. Two teammates get one throw each towards their opponents’ pins in an attempt to knock down as many as possible. Teams will take turns throwing, while also taking turns teammates that throw. Once the football has been thrown, the opposing team gets a chance to be on offense and score points by also throwing the football.

Throwing Line

If a player is male he is not to cross the plane of the back of the fowling board when throwing. If a player is female she is not to cross the plane of the front of the fowling board when throwing. Any player can throw from anywhere behind their designated throwing line.

Throwing Techniques

There is no specific way to throw the football to try and knock down the opposing pins. The ball may bounce and roll on the ground before knocking down pins on the board. We encourage you to try new techniques if the traditional “quarterback” approach isn’t working!


A team is on defense when their pins are in danger of being knocked over by the other team throwing the football. You may not intercept a ball until it bounces/rolls off the playing board or passes the back of the playing board. If you interfere with the ball before it crosses the back of the board or while it is still physically on the board, you will incur a 1-pin penalty in which case you must remove an additional pin from play.

Pin Down

A pin down is a pin down, unless maliciously knocked over. If other objects in the playing area, footballs from the game next to you, the wind, or your own elbow accidentally knocks over a pin, it must be put aside and cannot be reset. This makes things interesting and fun. Be vigilant!

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